Tibetan Buddhist Hand-knotted Lucky Bracelet Set



These Hand-Knotted Tibetan Buddhist bracelets are designed to bring good luck and attract positive energy.

Known as 'Lucky Rope', the bracelets can become talismans - protecting the wearer with their build up of good energy, each style is focussed on attracting good energy in a different area of life.

Traditionally, lucky rope is worn on the left wrist, because of the holistic belief that the left side of your body is the receiving side. Having a good luck talisman on your left can help with receiving good fortune.

Hand-knotted in a range of beautiful Tibetan thread colours, these triple-set lucky Tibetan Buddhist bracelets are also adjustable and make great gifts for loved ones.

These lucky bracelets are a symbol for sending out love and compassion to the people around you.

People choose to wear one of these lucky bracelets to serve as a reminder of doing good for somebody who can use a little love, luck, protection, and compassion.


* Material: Tibetan cotton, nylon twist

* Bracelet Length: 16-22cm / 6.3 - 8.6 Inches

* Clasp type: Sliding knot


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