• Wooden Healing Buddha Key Pendant
  • Wooden Healing Buddha Key Pendant
  • Wooden Healing Buddha Key Pendant

The Healing Buddha - Wooden Key Pendant


Take the Healing Buddha With You Wherever You Go

The Healing Buddha is praised with great respect by those seeking health and wishing health upon others.

With the right hand facing downward, fingers extended toward the ground, palm facing outward toward the viewer and a bowl of herbs resting in the left hand upon the lap.

The right hand facing outward signifies "granting a boon" (meaning, giving a blessing) to mankind.

Attaching to your keys or bag by a metal ring on a golden rope accented with wooden beads, this exquisite piece turns any keys or bag into a piece of beautiful eastern art.



Pendant Size:

  • 4.5cm x 3.5cm 

The inscription on the back reads:


May The Buddha Preserve Us; Merciful Buddha;


Bless You With A Life Of Happiness And Peace.



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