• Maori Double Twist Jade Pendant & Necklace
  • Maori Double Twist Jade Pendant & Necklace
  • Maori Double Twist Jade Pendant & Necklace

Maori Double Twist Jade Pendant & Necklace


A symbol of life's eternal emerging paths, this double twist jade pendant can bring luck, strength and protection

Jade has great spiritual significance for the Maori people of New Zealand, who named it 'pounamu'. It's also known by some as 'Greenstone', by geologists as 'Nephrite' and gemologists as 'Jade'. This precious stone can be found in rivers along the South Island of New Zealand.

The Maori people cherish jade as a talisman with the power to bring fortune, strength and protection, and as an expression of love and kinship.

Each Maori carving has a special meaning, and the 'twist' symbolises eternal emerging paths in life. The strands of the twist represent friendship, love and loyalty.

With beautiful natural shades of green, greenstone is often also flecked with golden or even milky hues. Interestingly, the more you handle or wear greenstone, the darker it will get. Maori hold that greenstone absorbs some of the essence of each wearer and they pass it down from generation to generation - keeping ancestry alive.

In Maori history, greenstone has a history of sealing bonds through gifting it to others. Depending on Maori beliefs, some prefer the luck of gifting greenstone to another, or may purchase it for themselves if they feel a special connection to a stone design.

Jade Pendant Dimensions

* Pendant Material: Nephrite

* Pendant Length: 3.4 cm / 1.34 Inches


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