7 Chakra Multi Purpose Tapestry

7 Chakra Multi Purpose Tapestry

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Inject Your Home With Spirituality And Beauty With This Stunning Tapestry.

A Unique Rug, Sofa Cover or Wall Hanging, Yoga Mat, Meditation Blanket Or Beach Towel. 

Our homes are an extension of ourselves, our sacred place. Our children learn there and we all grow there, it is a place that reminds you of your own deepest values and hopes and inspires you to realize them.

This Tapestry is the perfect addition to any spiritual home, wether it is Displayed on the wall, used more practically as a floor rug or sofa throw or even hung over the windows allowing serene colourful light into you home, it will add peace and tranquility to your spiritual hub.

This hand made tapestry can also be taken with you to the beach where it becomes the perfect beach towel, shawl and sarong. 

We all want our homes to express our personal and family beliefs and balancing our Chakras is one of the most important lessons we should teach our children. 

Having the 7 Chakra symbols displayed in our homes also reminds us we must keep them in balance if we wish to live an optimal life and balance our mental, emotional and physical states.

Tapestry Dimensions

150cm x 70cm (60" x 27.5")

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7 Chakra Multi Purpose Tapestry
7 Chakra Multi Purpose Tapestry