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Looking to live with more compassion and release yourself from suffering?

Avalokiteśvara, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, is the incarnation of compassion and holds the power to help all beings let go of suffering. When one earnestly calls to Avalokiteśvara, it is said the bodhisattva will hear the call and relieve the person from their anguish.

Embodied in a stunning obsidian pendant, Avalokiteśvara is worn to protect one’s energy while gently urging one to address and release their issues so they may be free from the suffering that eludes them.

In Buddhism, compassion is considered one of the greatest virtues one can hold….and Avalokiteśvara symbolizes this quality. This deity is found throughout many different cultures and has transformed into many different forms.

Materialized as Kuan-Yin in Chinese Buddhism and Chenrezig amongst those of Tibetan Buddhist faith, Avalokiteśvara holds the compassion of all the Buddhas throughout time.

Legend has it that Avalokiteśvara made a vow that he would not rest or live eternally in enlightened bliss until all beings were liberated from their personal realms of suffering.

Wearing this eye-catching obsidian pendant serves as a gentle reminder thatAvalokiteśvara is always with us and that living free from the suffering we all experience is absolutely attainable.

Alternate Names for Obsidian: Dragons Glass, Glass Agate, Glassy Lava, Xaga, Royal Agate 

Pendant size - 2" x 1.75"

Necklace Length - 22" Extendable to 32"

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