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  • Chakra One: The Root Chakra/Muladhara

      Located at the perineum at the very base of the spine is the root chakra. It is this first chakra that serves as our foundation while connecting us to the earth and the energy it contains. In our first chakra is where we meet our basic needs such as water, food, and shelter. The main function ... View Post
  • The Beauty & Meaning Of The Tree Of Life

    The tree of life can be found throughout countless different cultures and holds meaningful spiritual significance. It is the tree of life that connects all forms of creation throughout the universe. The tree of life is one of deep spiritual symbolism and is perhaps the most well-known symbol in s... View Post
  • Using Your Pendulum in Reiki Healing…and Beyond

    As one of the most well-known and powerful forms of energy healing, reiki offers wonderful results. Reiki works to balance one’s internal life force, offering healing for mind, body, and soul on a level often provided miraculous results. Reiki can be combined with other healing modalities, blendi... View Post